Laurie Denbrock LL Artist #pink

First post: Feb 11, 2020 Latest post: Feb 25, 2020
In discussing my health situation it is very difficult for me to have verbal conversations about it with anyone. Through caring bridge I will try to outline the journey that I have been on and my decisions going forward. These have been very difficult decisions. It is overwhelming learning about the options and the medical treatments that are involved with breast cancer. I have been diagnosis with invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. The cancer is Estrogen receptor positive Progesterone receptor positive and Her-2 Negative. Since my diagnosis each week I have had several appointments.  I had 2 separate biopsy on my left Breast, this was very painful and left me badly bruised. 4 mammograms, on both breast, a long MRI plus several ultrasounds. 

The tests were followed by lengthy discussions on a plan of action with 2 different surgeons.  Both agree that with two separate tumors in different locations in my breast that a mastectomy is the best course of action. Praying that I choose the best surgeon for my situation, I decided to go with Dr. Lawson. This decision led to appointments to discuss reconstructive surgery with a plastic surgeon, and several appointments with the oncologist.  He is the one who will do the test after surgery on the tissue that will give us more information on weather I will have chemotherapy or radiation or both.  He also has me taking a pre surgery drug to help shrink the cancer.  It is a form of chemo but not as strong.  To schedule surgery the breast cancer surgeon Dr. Lawson  the plastic surgeon Dr Tynere and  the oncologist Dr Murphy all have to be present the day of the surgery.   To coordinate all involve and make sure all pre op medication and appointments are complete the first available date for surgery was  February 10, at St.Thomas hospital.  I have had to process a lot of information since the diagnosis.  Next week I have pre op appointments to finalize the details. 

I then will be able to take a breath, finish my pre surgery drugs, and spend my last week before surgery spending time with my Mom and Dad on a long awaited cruise. My Mom has wanting me to go on a cruise with her for many years!  I am grateful for all of you as I embark on this difficult time I treasure your prayers and concerns. 

My wish is that God will get the glory in my life and teach us all to embrace Life  no matter what you have been handed God is in control Thank you all for your support.

- Laurie #pink