Linda Tompkins

First post: Sep 10, 2018 Latest post: Feb 25, 2019
Approximately 3 years ago while still working in the College of Engineering at Cornell I began experiencing spatial issues that I could not account for. Some of you may recall when I got a new bicycle and I had problems riding it. I never ended up being able to ride that bike- it remains in a corner of my house. Additionally, I also would find myself spilling my coffee if I was not looking directly at the coffee cup. After a period of time I also started having difficulty walking downstairs. Three years and three neurologists later I was diagnosed with a rare  brain disease called cortical basal syndrome ( ). CBS as it is known is a degenerative brain disease under the same umbrella as ALS, Parkinson's, PSP, and some other nasty diseases. While the diagnosis was devastating and there is no treatment, therapy, or medication at this time I remain hopeful. 
I created this webpage so that I can keep friends and family updated.
I welcome your prayers, positive energy, or the focus of your meditation.