Linda Rieves

First post: Feb 12, 2020 Latest post: Apr 13, 2020
Around about mid-November of 2019, Mom started complaining of significant back pain.  She's always had some back issues, but this was different.  She was down in Meridian seeing her father in December and decided she better see a doctor.  The doctor believed there was a diverticulitis issue and that she should go see another doc when she got home.  We went to Mercy and some tests were run.  Based on the symptoms, Doc Rogers @ Mercy believed she had aggressive lymphoma, which is treatable and curable.  The day she went in for her first lymphoma chemo treatment, the biopsy results had returned and we learned she has aggressive carcinoma that is believed to have started in the gastrointestinal tract.  Carcinoma is treatable, but not curable.  No primary has been found, but she did qualify for a more narrow version of chemo as well as immunotherapy.  Recently, however, the pain in the nerve bundle of her lower back has immobilized her.  No mobility, no chemo due to the blood thickening characteristic of chemo.  We are hoping to get more imaging done so we may identify alternate methods of treatment to get her mobile again so traditional treatment may commence.  Although this all sounds a bit negative, her spirits are high.  We are all going about this with a relentlessly positive attitude and humor is a staple around here.  Thank you for visiting and please feel free to drop a note in if you visited, whether in person or on the site.