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Hello Everyone, 

At the end of January we were at my parents house and Lex hit his head very hard on the back of a chair. We were of course concerned but he seemed ok, well the next day he had a huge bruise so we took him to quick care. They said he wasn't showing any signs of problems but the last couple of times he had been in he had high blood pressure so we should follow up with our regular  pediatrician. The next day I made Lex and appointment because it seemed odd for a 2 year old to have high blood pressure. Well when we left our appointment that day, due to finding no pulse below the waist and some other small findings, she gave us two choices; kidney disease of coarctation of aorta.  They scheduled a echo for the next day and we found out that he has a narrowing in a valve and would have to have surgery to fix the problem. Steve and I were in shock for a few days but finally wrapped our head around the idea our baby has to have heart surgery. So Monday we took him in and by Wednesday U of M had called and we had a surgery date. Well Lex got the flu a few weeks later so we had to postpone the surgery until the 13 of March. So we will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) and he has a pre op Monday which they said should take 4-6 hours and then Surgery Tuesday at around 7:30 am. Someone suggested using this site to keep everyone informed and I thought it would be a lot easier than individually sending a million people texts and calls. 
I want to thank everyone for all the support we have had and for the continued prayers. Sometimes saying Thank you doesn't seem like enough.