Leo Alpert

First post: Jan 25, 2020 Latest post: Nov 20, 2021
Leo Vincent Alpert joined us at 12:34pm on 1/21/20. We are so excited to welcome our vigorous cute little boy into our family.

His start in this world has had its challenges. He is one of 80 children born each year in the US with Treacher-Collins syndrome, a genetic syndrome affecting his cranio-facial development. We are creating this site to share updates with loved ones who want to support us and track his progress. We greatly appreciate your love and support. 

We appreciate your many generous offers to help. Right now we are very lucky to have family staying with us. If you'd like to donate a meal, the "Ways to Help" icon above has links to a mealtrain schedule. If you live far away and cannot cook for us, a donation to help us buy a delivered meal would be very much appreciated! We unfortunately expect our Leo to be in the hospital for weeks to months. Above, all, we appreciate your thoughts in the "well wishes" section.