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First post: Sep 16, 2019 Latest post: Oct 28, 2019
Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer that is in her left breast tissue and lymph nodes as well as a spot on her spine.  This came as a very frightening surprise after Laura was trying to work out what she thought was a breastfeeding issue of plugged milk ducts.  Our family has been quickly moving through the process of medical care and the journey of healing with all necessary adjustments for each one of us.   Her care will include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments as well as very nourishing food.   We are discovering new ways to home school and live each day.  Every step has been met with the love of God through the stories of others, abundant prayers, and so much supportive care.   We are putting faith over fear and hope in the direction our lives can take through this.  Please join us.  We so greatly love and appreciate you all.