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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. The updates and contents and handled by his daughter, Michele Wilcox, with help from her husband, Jay.

Dad has been very private about his health, but is now ready for it to be "public knowledge." Further, he's used to communicating with many of his friends and family via email, but that's just not in his wheelhouse right now due to pain medications -- but he wants everyone to be informed.

In August of 2017, Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With further testing, in September of 2017, we learned it was Stage IV, metastatic to bones and lymph nodes. While technically terminal, in consultation with his specialists, he's being treated with hormone therapy to essentially starve the cancer of its food.

In terms of his care, please be reassured that he has help! I've been to every oncology, urology, and primary doctor's appointment... every scan, every blood test. I'm managing his health care, bills, home, etc.

Here's some information to bring you up to date to today, then from today on, we'll be adding journal updates to keep you apprised:

On March 16th, Dad was hospitalized due excessive bleeding in his urine. 4 bleeds in his bladder were cauterized, and clots were removed (Cystoscopy with Clot Evacuation, Fulguration), and then his bladder was continuously irrigated, and he was given two transfusions. Unfortunately, the bleeding didn't seem to stop, but was lessened. He was released on March 22nd into in-home hospice care, and was to followup with his urologist to figure out next steps. I (Michele) moved in with him to handle his day-to-day care, with help  from Jay and our boys. (For those that might not know, we live next door to each other, so I just made his house my home base, as I work from home as well.)

Four days later, on March 26th, he had to go back into the hospital, again for excessive bleeding (last night). He received one transfusion, and then was put back on bladder irrigation to  try and clear the field so they can see what might be going on. Hopefully, we'll have more information later today to share.

Obviously - as this is the last seven months of our lives, there are lots of other details... But these are the highlights you probably need to know.