Lana (Claymore) Melendez Lana Melendez

First post: Sep 13, 2018

After a 5 month battle with intensifying pain, I decided to push against the medical advice I was given by multiple doctors and seeked help for the excruciating pain in my abdomen.  After multiple scans and a biopsy taken from my pancreas, it was found I have inoperable pancreatic adenocarcinoma; a cancer with one of the highest mortality rates. We received the devastating diagnosis that I have an aggressive, locally advanced tumor involving large blood vessels.  Now, I'm is fighting for her life against Stage III pancreatic cancer and we need help. Any and all support is a gift and we will be grateful for everything positive that comes our way.  If you can share this website to friends, groups, celebrities that would help this campaign off, that is a gift that could keep giving.

Thank you for helping  give me and our family a fighting chance.

*REMINDER* Donating to Caring Bridge or "supporting the site" does not donate to me directly; if you choose to donate, please visit my GoFundMe in the 'Ways To Help' section.