Kylie Mann

First post: Aug 16, 2018 Latest post: Sep 28, 2019
Kylie Marie is a 22-year-old with so many people who love & support her. She was involved in a car accident early in the morning on Sunday August 12th, 2018, 3 days before her 21st birthday and 5 days before she was supposed to leave for her senior year of college at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Kylie now has a traumatic brain injury, a fractured C1 vertebrae,  other cervical and thoracic fractures, broken clavicle and rib, liver laceration, and a few other injuries as a result of her accident. She's currently at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Memphis. 
We are so very grateful to all the prayer warriors (both known & unknown) around the world praying for Kylie's complete recovery. Kylie's family asks for continued prayers so she may make a full recovery. While it may be a long road, we are hopeful God's healing hand, Kylie's incredible strength, and the never-ending support and love from friends and family will help her.  We truly believe God is the Great Physician who can heal.
Kylie is an imaginative, caring, creative young lady. She's an honors student majoring in PR and has minors in Spanish, Art History, and Entrepreneurship. She recently returned from studying abroad in Bologna, Italy, where she quickly picked up the Italian language and interned at the MAMbo, a modern art museum. 
Kylie has always been artistic. She works at Holliday Flowers in Memphis, where her co-workers and boss rave about her work ethic and talent in creating beautiful bouquets and intricate flower arrangements. Kylie always loves redecorating her parents' home, painting, helping her sister shop for clothes, and doing anything that allows her to incorporate her creative spirit. 
When she's at home, you can find her cuddling her cat Camille, and one (if not all) of her three dogs - Eli, Levi, and Sadie. 
Kylie is incredibly loved and touches the hearts of all she meets. We appreciate all of the prayers and support - even from those who have never met her.