Kristine Tabacchi Kristine Tabacchi

First post: Dec 16, 2020 Latest post: Jan 3, 2021
On December 1, 2020, Kristine checked herself into the hospital after having an extreme migraine that had not been improving for several weeks. Her speech was also being affected and her loved ones were concerned and finally convinced her to go. She was immediately sent for scans which showed bleeding in her brain. A more in-depth MRI confirmed that she had an Arteriovenous Malformation. Kristine was immediately taken into surgery where they were successfully able to remove it all. She was kept sedated for several days as they needed to let the swelling in her brain go down before they tried waking her up. Over that weekend they tried to bring her out of sedation several times but she was too agitated and her blood pressure continued to rise every time. So on December 7th they had decided to keep her sedated in order to keep her heart rate and blood pressure low. At some point during that night, one of Kristine's lungs collapsed and she went into Cardiac Arrest.  After 30 minutes they were able to resuscitate her. She remains in the ICU and while her lungs have improved there is grave concern about the damage to her brain. Doctors are monitoring and watching her carefully round the clock, but no one has any answers yet as to what the future will hold. Right now, we are asking that you continue to hold Kristine, Ed and Quina in your prayers.  Any updates will be posted here.