Kimberly Burandt kimmyburandt

Kimberly Burandt was at such a young age of 33 when one day she noticed a fairly small lump above her left breast in July of 2015 and she went into the emergency room and there she was given an ultrasound on this lump and they said it was identified as a malignancy and had somewhat suspicious form and so they scheduled a excisional biopsy on July 17th, she waited for the results and the radiologist said the malignancy still was unidentified and so she was scheduled for a lumpectomy on July 23rd to remove the tumor completely and waited for results that finally came on Aug. 1st and its not something you want to hear over the phone, or even in person that you have cancer. Trust me when I tell you, that all her emotions from that very moment were of fear of death, as she heard the surgeon tell her she had Grade 3, Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Then as the weeks went by she started to feel a ball of some sort inside by her left armpit and it was kind of painful and so she went into the doctor again and was told that it was a swollen lymph node and she was scheduled to have a sentinel node biopsy as well as a rexcisional biopsy on Aug. 21st for suspicious spread of the cancer to the nodes and received the results on Aug. 28th that positively the margins where the tumor was were completely clear, but one node out of five that were removed had cancer inside of it and it was sealed off and with that dreadful news came the fact that moved the stage of her breast cancer to Stage 2a due to the spread to her nodes. She was given 6 weeks of radiation that started on Sept. 28th and successfully completed on Nov. 9th and when she was given a ct scan, nuclear med bone scan and brain mri all showed no signs of metastasis and so she was cleared of cancer. Kimberly was so happy she kept calling it a Miracle from God that she had been healed.

Then Sept. 1st of 2016, her oncologist called and told her she needed to start doing a form of hormonal therapy to ensure the cancer would not reoccur, or a new one be present and with that she did not refuse and did as she was informed too, for she knew the doctor had her best interest at heart and with that she had started Lupron injections to shut the ovaries down to ensure that would stop the estrogen in her body, because her breast cancer was estrogen/progesterone related receptor cells and it was only aggressive because of the estrogen in her body.

And three years later, breast cancer free from worry, she gets this pain by her gall bladder and is given an ultrasound on June 13th 2019 of the pelvic area where the gallbladder is and the radiologist finds two small masses inside her liver that he finds suspicious for metastasis due to the length and size and its requested of her to have a liver biopsy done to understand exactly what is in her liver and to rule out cancer suspicions. Of course she began to fear the very worst and she had to expect the unexpected, but she chose to come to acceptance it was probably cancer, just because it was the only reasonable explanation for what had been seen. She was then scheduled to have an MRI done on June 16th and that concluded that there was two masses inside her liver as well as a new finding of three sublenular lesions of her spine and she then knew she needed to have the liver biopsy completed so she knew what it was. On July 10th, she had a CT Scan guided liver biopsy and after four hours of being in recovery up in oncology, she was then moved to the emergency room where three hours later she finally managed to get herself to a point where she was able to go home, even though she was still in very much pain had not wanted to be in the hospital anymore.

A week later on July 18th, she was brought into her oncologist where she heard those dreadful words again, but this time she was informed that her breast cancer from 2015 had metastasized to her liver and bones so unfortunately she had cancer four nearly four years and had not known and no one would have since free radicals do not show up right away, but no matter how she had to hear it, it was all the same. Her breast cancer had returned and once again she knew she had to fight with her life. She did not think twice about starting the next treatment immediately which was called Faslodex injections which are supposed to slow the growth of the receptor cells and she was also told to began a chemo- agent pill called Ibrance which works with the Faslodex, that is also a form of Aromatase- Inhibitor that together they slowly break down the receptor cells to growing and forming any new ones and with both treatments along with still taking the lupron its supposed to put her back into remission, but even if it does successfully help put her cancer back into remission it has been confirmed that it will probably return again at least once, or twice because the targeted hormonal therapy may, or may not catch all the free radical cells inside her body, so its hope that the treatments work now and figure out later what to do when, or if that time comes.

Currently she is on her treatment of Faslodex for the second time, but she is still not on Ibrance, because it is still under prior authorization if it will be able to be covered through her insurance and her oncologist ensures her that the treatment will still work that she is doing now, but will work efficiently better and more conductively if she is on the pill as well, so the hope is that we can get enough money gathered to ensure Kimberly the right treatment to make this stupid breast cancer leave and stay away. Everything she is going through has been nothing but agony and pain, the cancers causing her so much ridicule that she cannot even do things that she enjoys, or every day basic tasks, such as cleaning her home, dishes, laundry, cooking, even taking care of her basic needs and just on July 29th she was medically discharged from her job at McDonalds of three and something years and it tore her apart to say goodbye to everything, but it's in her best interest to enjoy her life and get through the treatments with out the stress of being employed. That puts a lot of stress and responsibility on her significant other, Michael Dolezal, but if you talk to him he says that he would not have her working and with watching her in this much pain hurts him just as much and he does not mind providing for them and doing what it takes, he just wants her to be better and to stop living with all this pain and for the cancer to go away. She is going through fighting to receive social security benefits but nothing is confirmed and nobody can be sure when, or if she will be benefited by the state for having such a terminal illness that can in fact be life threatening.

All we are asking is for you to search within the deepest part of your heart and see that what your donation can do is help save Kimberly from this cancer and hopefully lead her to a better and healthier life with her family and friends that support her everyday. Kimberly was asked what her all time goal was and she said to see both of her children, Wyatt who will be turning 16 years old this year and Lincoln who is 10 years old again before she leaves this world, so please I ask that you help her with a loving donation from your heart to hers. Thank you so much for your support in every way, even if you can not afford to make a donation, please know that Kimberly knows that you all support her and love her very much. We are planning to have a Benefit in Kimberly's name and will give details on this event as soon as it gets closer and will also give many time in advance this time so that people have more time to prepare for it. If you have any other questions you may get in contact with her Significant Other- Michael Dolezal at 320-455-6822, her Father- Ron at 320-296-8380, or her Mother- Cecelia at 952-994-4576.