Kimberley Rowe Kim and Doug need you

    Our story continues as does our difficulties, but the end is within sight around mid-January and we are excited.  I began radiation this week and it’s been going good.   If all goes well, my last treatment should be around January 10. 
    However, because my insurance company switched me from short term to long term disability, we have gone the entire month of November without any income.  My first check should be tomorrow or next Friday.   But we won’t be able to pay rent or utilities on time.  
    Veteran Services set us up with a financial counselor today and she laughed and asked how did they expect her to help us when we have no money to work with.  She did give us some organizations that might help but at this time of year, she said budgets are tight.  She suggested we reach out to family and friends - so this is how we’re reaching out.  
    We know it’s the holiday season so you might not be able to help, and that’s ok too.  Thanks for your concern and prayers during the last 11 months.   
    Having to deal with all the medical issues, insurance issues, finances or lack thereof, has certainly taken everything we have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 
    As I said in Church Sunday, God has taken care of us thus far and this is where he has lead us. 
    If you’ve taken time to read all of this, bless you.  
    Love to you all!!