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First post: Jul 12, 2018 Latest post: Nov 26, 2018
  In the early hours of Monday July 2nd Kevin had an subarachnoid hemorrhage in the center of his brain.   We have had a week to settle into a new routine of surrounding Kevin with love  and healing prayers.  This website is for those who want updates on Kevins condition.   I know there are probably a lot of questions that you may have and I (Travis) will try and answer them.  Under the best of circumstances Kevin is in for a long fight.   His condition is continuing to improve, but is still very serious.

  He is being very well taken care of by the ICU staff at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in room 270.  If you  would like to visit Kevin, visiting hours are 9am to 9 pm .  The only request we have for those visiting Kevin is that if you come with a group of 3+ people, only two are allowed in the room at a time.  There  are areas on the ICU floor to wait.   Please  refrain from bringing small children into the ICU.  We ask that everyone sanitize their hands before entering the room.  We also ask that flowers not be brought or sent, as Kevin cannot have them in his room. We also ask for voices to be kept low as excitement can tend to increase pressure on his brain.

 Kevin has been surrounded by his family all week and will be surrounded again this week.  Please feel  free to inform any of his friends I may not know, and also Claim Jumper guests to this website so that they may stay informed of Kevins' condition.  small miracles have already happened, so please do not lose hope. Kevin needs all the prayers we can give him now.