Kenny McWilliams

First post: Sep 16, 2020 Latest post: Dec 8, 2021
Welcome friends and family to Kenny's Caring Bridge site. This is a place where we can communicate and keep everyone updated on Kenny's situation without overwhelming the family with questions and concerns. They will be able to see your posts and can also reply either through me, or directly on their own, in their own time. 
If you don't know me, my name is Crystal Jerred. I've been Jerri's best friend since grade school and Kenny's since they met. They both have always been a part of my family, not just only friends, but truly a bother and sister to me. They've asked me and a few other close friends to help keep everyone updated on Kenny's situation. 
Kenny was admitted to the hospital last Saturday due to a build up of  fluid in his chest cavity that was compressing his lung. He had been suffering for a few months with multiple health concerns and just recently had a surgery to resolve one of these. He has also been struggling with what was thought to be shingles.  On Sunday, the doctor ordered a CT of Kenny's abdomen and put in a chest tube to drain the fluid from his chest cavity. Monday, the CT results came back and it was confirmed that he had multiple lesions in his liver, a large lesion in the tail of his pancreas and spots on his lung. They talked to oncology yesterday and found out this is a genetic form of cancer and that their is no cure. Kenny had a biopsy of the lesions on his liver last evening and was able to finally go home later that night. Results of the tests done in the hospital will be discussed at Kenny's upcoming appointments with his lung specialist, and oncologist, early next week. 
Please pray for Kenny and Jerri and their family and friends.  We all know that God is the only way to get through this terrible situation. God is bigger than cancer and we look to him for healing, hope, comfort and peace. Through him all things are possible!
Thank you all for your concern and caring. I will keep everyone posted with updates.