Keith Giesbrecht

First post: Mar 27, 2020 Latest post: May 22, 2020
Keith had back surgery in Phoenix, AZ on February 5, 2020. They went in an fixed a pinch nerve that was causing him excruciating pain for months. We came home the first of March an somewheres he picked up a head cold. He started having trouble catching his breath especially when coughing! It also started getting extremely painful to cough or sneeze. He ended up blacking out a couple times at home an I took him into the emergency room. They ran numerous tests. Completely ruled out covid-19 because he did not have any classical symptoms. The CAT scan came back clear an nothing showed up, but because of his scary an painful coughing fits they admitted him Sunday night the 22nd of March. Monday and Tuesday was nothing new just trying to keep him comfortable with pains meds, cough suppressant, fluids, an antibiotic. Wednesday, Dr Miller was taking over for his original dr an he ordered another CAT scan. The next morning the original Dr Linville sent on his scan an some pictures to a couple Drs in Denver an Wichita. By 2:00 she heard back that there was a tear in his chest wall an his lung was herniating through this tear. It was 7 cm an at 10 cm is very critical. So therefore this explained his extreme pain when coughing. She made the decision to transfer him to Wichita. They ordered a critical care ambulance from Ulysses an a very nice couple transferred him. It was an uncomfortable ride for Keith because it was rough an his chest was hurting him. He arrived in Wichita, St Francis Thursday evening about 6:30 pm. I (Karen) got there about 7:30 an they would not let me see him due to the Covid-19 restrictions. That was disappointing but comforting to know they are taking extreme measures to keep sickness away from their patients. He has a surgery scheduled to fix the tear at 10 AM Friday morning, the 27th of March.