Kay Wilson

First post: Oct 14, 2018 Latest post: Dec 27, 2018
Kay was diagnosed with malignant thymoma in 2004, a cancer of the thymus gland in the chest.. Over the following years, she had multiple surgeries and rounds of chemo/radiation. She went off treatment in 2008 when there was nothing further to do. In 2013, she began having symptoms and it was found that the cancer had spread outside of the chest and into the liver. She again went through rounds of chemo, radiation, and other drug regimens to keep the tumor at bay. The summer of 2018, she was hospitalized with pneumonia and, upon returning home, has had increasing difficulty and symptoms.  This October, she became very ill and was admitted to the ICU where tumor was found in her heart which is incurable and the decision was made to be at home with hospice.