Kayden Dressler

First post: Sep 30, 2021 Latest post: Dec 31, 2021
Thursday, September 23rd, Kayden was at home with Brecken and some friends.  He decided to do a TikTok challenge.  The challenge is to hang from a pull up bar for 2 minutes.  He placed the pull up bar in the door frame that is leading to the laundry room which is down some steps.  During that 2 minutes Kayden pulled up to reposition his hands on the bar.   
The bar fell.  
Kayden landed on the back of his head and began a 10 minute long seizure and then was unconscious.  
He was then transported to United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls.  CT scan in the ER showed a fracture and Subarachnoid (brain) bleed.  There was also a fracture and blood noted in his sphenoid sinus.   He regained consciousness in the ER but was very confused and disoriented.  
This all bought him a stay in the ICU then the step down unit.  While in the hospital he remained very confused, sleepy and has had one horrible headache that wouldn’t let up.  He also has had much short term and some mid term memory loss.  In the confused state, he has kept us laughing at some of the funny things he was saying.  (Good stories to be saved and told to him at a later date.)
On the seventh day, September 30th,  we finally were able to transfer him to Pate Rehabilitation Center in Ft Worth.   We are confident that he will be receiving the best inpatient  therapy possible here.  
We will do our best to keep everyone updated!  Keep praying for a quick and full recovery!