Justin (Jay) McCracken

First post: Feb 12, 2021 Latest post: Apr 26, 2022
Justin (Jay) McCracken had a fall on January 22nd in the middle of the night, while walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  He hit his head on a cabinet and it knocked him out and he got a concussion.  When his symptoms did not clear by the following Monday, he went to the doctor.  The doctor ordered a CT scan which showed an abnormality.  He then had an MRI which showed a 2.5 cm tumor in his 3rd ventricle, which is in the middle of his brain.  This tumor is made from glia cells.  On February 5th, he had his first appointment with Dr Shah, a neurosurgeon at IU Health Neuroscience Center.  Dr Shah discussed the complications of the location of the tumor.  He met with his team of doctors on February 11th to discuss Justin's case.  The immediate plan is for Justin to have  a cardic work-up to check his heart & lungs to make sure he is able to undergo surgery.  This will be done in Greenwood.  If all goes well, they will either monitor the tumor for a bit to see if and how it changes or they will schedule a biopsy and insert a shunt.  A full removal cannot be done because of the location , which is close to memory and areas that monitor blood pressure, core temperature and other vital areas.  Justin will have an appointment in the near future with Dr Dropcho, a neuro-oncologist to discuss the next steps.  Justin has had headaches for the last year and bouts of random vomiting.  I will keep this site updated with new information.  Please pray for Jay and his family as we move through this journey.