Justin Glodowski

Who I'm raising money for
Justin is the father of 3 children, one who was born with a medical illness. He loves his children more than life its self and has always been their super hero. This man has touch our lives in ways no one could match with his kind, compassionate, and loving way. Dedicated to his family.

Why I'm raising money
He developed Covid 3 weeks ago. The first hospital he was in administered to him medication that he was allergic to and treatments that were advised against. After getting him out of that hospital came home for treatments. just a couple days later he grew seriously ill, and is now and fighting for his life in camden clark memorial hospital. His oxygen was 7 when the ambulance picked him up. After arriving they discovered that he has a blood clot in his lung and in his heart. he is now in a ventilator.

How donations will be used
These funds ard being raised to cover his bills, rent, and necessities. Two weeks before this happened Justin's car was hit while it was parked in front of his house and completely totaled. As mentioned before he has three children one with a chronic illness he requires trips to Cincinnati regularly to manage her treatments.

We hope you will share this around and give this superdad a the help needed to ease the burden this has brought on. Thank you in advance for any help even a share, we need all the help we can get. Justin truly deserves all of our support, and even though you may not know Justin I believe that you have a Justin in your life. Someone who has touched your life, and left a permanent imprint on your heart with their courage, endurance, and Grace as they went through hard times and still found the beauty in everyday.