Julie Cossette

First post: Feb 2, 2019
Our family has sad news to share. Julie passed away last night, Friday the 1st, peacefully in her sleep. She wasn’t in any pain and family were able to say their goodbyes. She declined very rapidly over the past several days and was kept very comfortable. She did not have to suffer.

My mother was the strongest, most steadfast, and selfless person I know. There will be a missing piece of me forever. She raised me to be a strong and independent woman, and I plan to honor the hard work and sacrifices she made for my sister and I. I knew her and she taught me everything I need to know, including right now in learning what it means for a loved one to die. I won’t ever have to think, “what would my mom say or do?”, because I truly believe she made sure I was ready to be here without her. I love her and will miss her every minute of every day for the rest of my life. She truly was the best of us.

We will be planning a celebration of my mom’s life to honor her and give us a chance to gather, share in memories, and love her. Details to follow.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for relief care and meal delivery. I will be canceling all of the relief care appointments. The family still needs and greatly appreciates any help with meals over the next several days to weeks. We deeply appreciate all of the love and support for us and my mother.