Juan Guerra

Hello, my name is Sara and I am one of Juan's daughters. I am making this page to inform family and friends of what is going on with my dad. My dad has lived in Texas for the pass 22 years. He recently moved back to Ohio to be closer to his daughters, grandkids and great- grandkids. While transfering papers and everything over to ohio he found a new doctor and the doctor requested some test done. On August 10th, dad had a procedure done and we had got the worst news. They found a tumor and took some for biospy and were going to test it for cancer, but before we left the doctors office he had told us from what he saw it was cancer. Dad would have to have CT's, MRI's, bloodwork done and lots of tests. On August 24th we met again with the doctor and it was confirmed it is cancer, it was in stage 1 so the doctors found it just in time, they said he will not need radiation or chemo as of right now. They were going to have to do surgery. On Sept.12th dad did have surgery but once they opened him up the tumor was bigger then what they thought and it was lower then what they thought, it was going to be a little more complicated then what we thought. Once surgery was over we spoke with the doctor and were told that more had to be cut then what was expected and he also had a temporary colostomy bag. His recovery has went from 4-6 weeks to now 3-6 months. I am asking family and friends to help donate to help my dad with medical bills, prescriptions, gas money to and from doctors appointments, amd other necessities while he is out of work. Thank you all for your support as our family goes thru this toubling time. I know my dad will be ok cause god is on his side. Thanks again