Josh Brodfuehrer

First post: May 29, 2018

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Hey there, I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Many of you that know me are aware that my left knee could be considered the thorn in my flesh and how debilitating it is during the course of each day. Some days it causes major pain, and on the other days, it only gets worse from there.

For the most part, I am able to take it in stride and attempt to operate to the best of my ability throughout each day, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the increasingly significant effect that it has on my daily mindset. For the past three months or so, as the pain continues, so does the depression that is fed by my inability to successfully cope with the pain.

Please don't get me wrong, I still love life and strive to live in the way that Christ's example has shown me, but not being as mobile or available as I know that I could be has been a ever-present distraction in my daily life. I have been asked why I don't take medication to quell the pain, but believe me, I have some of the best meds out there, but if I take it during the day, it puts me out of action. On it, I am unable to drive, think coherently, or function at a reasonable level.

My kids suffer due to my condition in that some or most evenings, I feel so miserable that I have to partake of the medicine, thus effectively shutting myself for the rest of the evening. I am unable to take a walk in the park, throw football for any reasonable amount of time, or do physical activities of any kind.

Another thing that I am striving to overcome is my extreme weight. I know that this is a major factor in my daily schedule, and that, mixed with the complication with my knee, combine to impede my life goals. I am on disablility with a fixed amount of money coming in every month, and not being able to currently work, I am unable to create the income that I know is needed to care for my children and myself.

I have had several conversations with my doctors and specifically my orthopedic, each ending with the looming necessity of a total knee replacement. Due to my younger age, we have been hesitant, but a couple of months ago, I went to see him about scheduling the surgery, when he suggested one last attempt to avoid the inevitable.

There is hope! He explained to me a procedure that, if successful, could push that very invasive surgery back for what could be more than a few years. The biggest problem with this procedure is that most insurances won't cover it, including mine. The total cost will be $1,000, but I was told that he could do part of it with a free sample, however, I need to come up with the remaining amount of $550.

The procedure consists of two parts, the first being an injection of Hyaluronic Acid which will provide a cushion in my knee, where I currently have no cartilage and am bone on bone. This is the part that I will not have to pay for.

The second and more complex part is called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. This consists of them drawing my blood, spinning and separating the stem cells from the rest, and injecting my own stem cells into my left knee. Simply put, this will hopefully encourage the regrowth of my natural knee parts. I have spoken with multiple people that have had this done to different parts of their bodies, from shoulders, backs, knees, and everywhere in between. I have heard that it has been successful for these people more often than not.

After the injections, it could take between three to six weeks to show any improvement, and should it be markedly noticeable, it would take another three to six months or more before the healing is complete. 

I know that it could be some time before seeing results, but I do have a plan of action during that time. I am working with vocational rehab about gainful employment which is allowed while still receiving my disability benefits. I have in no way given up and am striving to continually better myself for the sake of kids as well as myself.

I am asking for your assistance because there is no possible way that I will be able to take care of this bill. It would take up almost all of one month's income. I realize that I may be asking a lot and I apologize for that, but I would appreciate any assistance.

I was supposed to have the money by June 4th, but I took this long to actually ask for help. I guess that I have been too embarrassed to actually ask, but I am rescheduling for later this month and I indeed need help to get this done.

I thank you again for taking the time and consideration to read this very lengthy letter, and I understand if you are unable to assist.

Very Sincerely, Josh Brodfuehrer