Jo Peace

First post: Jul 20, 2018 Latest post: Dec 15, 2018

Let's start with thank you: Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being a part of this community.

Jo is an artist, a choreographer, a dancer, a hiker, a tree-climber, a gardener, an organizer, a hard worker, a helper, and a devoted mom and friend. She has been dealing with chronic pain for many years but hit a crisis point on July 1st. She is currently debilitated due to complications from neck injuries. For the past few weeks, Jo can’t even be fully upright for any length of time without unbearable pain. This intense pain is swiftly accompanied by cold sweats, nausea, and other alarming symptoms, leaving her mostly prone until appropriate treatment is found. She has not been able to work or drive since the beginning of July.  While in the hospital recently her living situation came to an end so she's in need of temporary housing and help getting some things moved into storage and some to her new soon-to-be home.

Jo had planned to build a tiny home out of a school bus for long-term affordable housing, but her degenerative condition has advanced too quickly to do the work herself. Many of the supplies are purchased, but she needs help making it into a functional space where she can recover and heal.

Jo's care is transferring from Kaiser to Emory.  She's waiting for the referrals to be finalized so appointments can be made.  She can do very little for herself for the time being and needs our help and support to make it through the coming months.  With medical bills and living expenses accumulating while unable to work or drive, Jo needs both physical and financial support. She's filing for disability. But as we all know, that process takes time.

Please do what you can to help...

Most immediate needs:
==>  Temporary housing in or near Decatur/Pine Lake for Jo and her teenager in August and September and immediate housing for her furbabies... Ideally, these homes would be one and the same or close in proximity.
==>  Converting her school bus into a tiny home (many supplies are already purchased).
==>  Rides to appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

We are using CaringBridge to coordinate the many facets of providing for these needs.  Here's how to find place(s) to take part:
Click on the "Ways to help" icon at the top of this page and you’ll see...
==>  GoFundMe - the place to offer financial support
==>  Support Links - such as google docs for larger projects
==>  Planner - a calendar of errands and tasks

Thank you for extending kindness and compassion during this difficult time. Please feel free to leave messages of encouragement and support, and keep watch for updates about Jo's journey.