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Hi... thanks for joining me on CaringBridge (again). The reason this page was initiated was to keep you updated on my health progress. This way I have to only write it once, and everyone gets the same information at the same time. Let's get started... you possibly know that my beautiful wife, Susan Marie, died on March 31, 2014. Since that time many lives have been changed. Abrupt & gradual changes have taken place in my life that has radically realigned its course. Atrial fib/flutter was diagnosed (finally) which has caused much and progressively worse shortness of breath. This was complicated by depression and neurologic (mobility), GI and eye issues. All were recently brought to the forefront with increased instability in my gait. Went to the ED twice and on the third visit was admitted three days ago with a nonspecific diagnosis. Recent falls (no injury) contributed to the admission. I have been in the hospital environment for diagnostic workup and have had testing I have never heard of. I am also going to PT daily. I am feeling much better since being hydrated and have taken myself off bedrest. The care I have received has been excellent and the food the same. I was not happy to be admitted, but I am in a much better place. I will be here "for a little while."

I have attached a pic of the Susie Memorial Geranium & Hosta Garden that now adorns our home landscape. These were Susie's favorite flowers, and the garden itself was presented to her on Mother's Day about eight years ago. It was built and populated with flowers while she was at work... quite a trick.