John Crane

First post: Dec 19, 2020 Latest post: Jan 6, 2021
John has been fighting CoVid for several weeks now.  He tested positive on November 29. I took him to the ER on Friday, December 4 because his oxygen level was low and his cough was horrendous.  They sent him home with prescription cough medicine and other instructions for care.  He was a bit better on Saturday but Sunday morning, December 6, he was coughing badly and huffing and puffing.  His oxygen level was below 90%.  I took him to the ER again at Burnsville Fairview Ridges and they admitted him. 

John responded to the treatment at first and improved a little each day.  They found he had Covid-related pneumonia.  He was given remdesivir, steroids, antibiotics and a blood thinner.  Mainly his treatment was focused on providing oxygen.  On Monday, December 7, they put him on high-flow oxygen, which is a hose going into the nostrils.  While on that he could eat, talk, text and video chat with us on the IPad in his room.  Talking was taxing for him so calls had to be kept short (but he still made his football picks over the phone with me!)  The next day they found the high-flow wasn't enough to keep his level up all night, so they put him on a bipap machine, which is a mask that covers the whole nose and mouth.  It is loud and uncomfortable so he couldn't sleep at all while on it.  He needed that for 2 nights, December 8 and 9. 

He was maintaining okay on the high-flow oxygen for the next week and the focus was trying to get him to eat.  Some days were better than others.  The doctors kept pushing the estimated day he would be released.  But at least we could see him and he could be somewhat entertained.  We’re so glad its football season!