John Melear John’s Covid Fight

First post: Aug 24, 2021 Latest post: Sep 19, 2021
FREE website set up by Suzy to update John’s recovery with COVID.He is in critical care on a ventilator in Lafayette, Louisiana due to COVID.

August 1: John developed COVID symptoms on this day. He was scheduled for the vaccine that afternoon.
August 4-10 Fever for 6 days
August 10: Went to ER 3 times for help. Gave steroid shot. Dry cough. Started Z pack for 14 days, Albuteroil Nebulizer, + Advair Disk.
August 12: Deep breathing exercises at home. Trouble catching breath. Ambulance to Lourdes Heart Hospital. ER for 24 hours on oxygen. Oxygen had dropped to 65%.
August 13: Lourdes hospital in Lafayette. Admitted to a room.
August 16: BiPap machine, Regeneron, Rocephin -Antibiotics, Steroids, Remdesivir (he has 1 dose left) and a blood thinner- Lovanox
August 18: Changed to Full face mask instead of Bi-Pap
August 21: Put on ventilator in critical condition