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First post: Jul 27, 2021 Latest post: Oct 31, 2022
Hello....this is Kimberly, the wife of John Howard.John's heart stopped beating at 11:15 pm last Monday, July 19th. After 1.5 hours of chest compressions, his heart was restarted.He has full neurological function, which is an absolute miracle. He is currently a patient at Cleveland Clinic, where he is being stabilized. After this, they are running a ton of diagnostics to determine why it happened and make sure it never happens again. John was awake enough today to take a peek at Facebook. Probably not well enough to respond to any comments but her certainly liked reading them.If you feel so inclined, please send him a note. Also, please pray to your higher power of choice as we have many unanswered questions and are seeking a path forward.I write a daily update on his condition (last one below) so feel free to look at my FB page to see the daily update or just respond here on CarebridgeJohn is a fighter, the kindest human I know. With a zest for life. And he is now a living miracle.