Joseph & Mary Ellen D’Agostino Joe & Mary Ellen

First post: Nov 12, 2021 Latest post: Nov 12, 2022
We feel our parents need no introduction, but we’ll try a quick one.

Mom and Dad have never met a stranger. They are so blessed to not only have so many friends and family in their lives, but such an outpouring of love and care for them too.
They value each and every one of you so dearly.

With 3 elective surgeries in approximately the next 8 months (but who’s counting? Oh yeah, that’d be Joy :) ), we know they would not want a one of you to be left out if you requested an update or gave a well wish that wanted to reach them. We are not quite able to keep up with their emails, texts and calls. So we created this site to share those updates, and more importantly, for them to keep up with the many well wishes.
We will make sure every post is read to or by them, as well we’re sure that when they are well enough, they will even be the ones posting updates.

Thank you again for all your love and support to my parents and ourselves.

Joy (from near) and Larry (from far)