Jerry Blomberg

First post: Sep 18, 2018 Latest post: Jan 23, 2019
Nobody is ever expecting it....Nobody is ever ready to hear it...It changes everything....Cancer!  After a couple weeks of feeling 'under the weather', Jerry went in for a checkup.  After all the tests, scans, pokes and prods were complete, on August 22, 2018, Jerry was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  The cancer in his pancreas had grown beyond the pancreas itself, but had not spread to the liver, lungs or elsewhere.  The medical staff at Marshfield Hospital discussed treatment options with Jerry & Jennifer, and on September 5, Jerry began his first round of chemotherapy. 

He was not expecting it, he was not ready to hear it, and it has changed everything.....but those who know him know it has not changed HIM.  Jerry's first thoughts and words were concern for Jennifer and family.  (Same as always).  He wanted to be with family.  (Same as always).  He decided to fight.  (Siblings, you know this....Same as always!).  He gave control of his life, treatment & condition over to God his Creator, and Jesus his Savior.  (Same as always).  Cancer has changed some things, but it has not changed who this man is!