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First post: Feb 23, 2021 Latest post: Jun 7, 2021
In December 2019 through a series of events doctors discovered I had cancer on my lungs. The cancer was treated with proton knife radiation
in September 2020. The treatments were successful and the cancer gone. However, the doctor said it takes some time before the total effects of the radiation is known.
In January 2021, I had a CT scan to monitor the results of or progress of the treatment. There is a new cancer between my lungs and rib cage. Burt and I learned from talking with doctors that this cancer is more aggressive. It is most likely a mutation from the previous cancer. The treatments options at this time are a harsh chemo with possible side effects of stroke, seizures, mechanical imbalance, speech impairments, and other. I can also choose to do nothing. At this time we have not decided anything. We are waiting for the results of a foundation 1 study that looks at possible genetic treatments for the cancer. I will have radiation treatment to keep the cancer from growing. Until I decide on treatment.
I am confident that God has a plan for me even if it is not to be cured from the cancer. Jerimiah 29:11