Jenni Fick

First post: Jul 21, 2018 Latest post: Jun 20, 2021
Jenni has a rare Systemic (meaning it effects all systems of the body) Bone Marrow Cancer.  She was diagnosed the last week of June, 2018 at Coborn's Cancer Center, St. Cloud, MN, where she will continue her care.  As you can imagine, we are all in shock.  We have very little information so far.  She will be taking oral chemotherapy drugs in pill form at home.  She's receiving the first month's prescription tomorrow, July 10, but will not start yet for a few days while her team of doctors/nurses/pharmacists are carefully planning their strategy for comfort, nausea, and other side effects.  This chemo is known to be very stressful to  the heart, so she will be closely monitored with EKG's before starting and throughout her treatment.   For today. we have planned our own strategy-FIGHT LIKE HELL!  We are praying for Jenni and Marty for  Grace from God that she is as healthy otherwise that she can be.  We ask for your prayers also, and will do our best to keep you updated the best we can.  She will have an appointment with her oncologist, Dr. Jergens on July 20, where we will be able to become a bit more informed about her  condition.  She has asked me, her Mother, to oversee this site for now, and we will add other administrators as becomes necessary. This is not a happy, interesting, insightful message, but we hope it is one of great support to Jenni and Marty as we begin this journey...we will be there for you-through whatever you need, and probably some things you don't!  Please check in often for updates after Jenni has her next appointment, July 20th or maybe before for an update on how she tolerates the chemo!