Jennifer “Hitch” Buchanan Jenn “Hitch” Buchanan

My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s having at least one breast removed and has had to forfeit her job because of the time she took off to have the multiple biopsies (including failed ones) and the following subsequent blind lumpectomy.  She’s fallen behind in her bills and rent and is having a mastectomy in the next week (4/5/2019).  She will need several weeks to recover from this. 

Have you ever met someone who made you feel lazy; someone whose hustle put your speed of doing things to shame?
That’s not just who Jenn “Hitch” is, it’s how she functions. She doesn’t take a day off and sadly, neither does her cancer.
Recently she felt like something was wrong with her body - really wrong. She sought answers and was dismissed by doctors as having nothing more than a few calcifications in her tissues. However, she knew in her gut that something wasn’t right. She pursued more answers and made her voice heard. 
She had an invasive biopsy of her left breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 15, 2019. It’s Stage 1. 
She will be having a mastectomy, possibly double, in the next week. 
She is not a charity and is not looking for handouts. She has her head held high and kept her standards even higher. But, she could use some financial help. 

This girl’s been through it! She has a history of autoimmune disorders that flare up which cause tremendous pain. She pushes through this and works her tail off. Hitch is amazing and is an incredibly dedicated and loyal human. 
Because her medical health is declining and as a result of the time she's missed from work, there is a risk of her losing her housing. The last thing she needs is to worry that she won’t have a place to recover. Worry feeds cancer, please join me with helping to ease at least one worry. Any amount that you can give is tremendously appreciated. If you can’t financially help, please share this campaign and lift her up in prayer. Pray for comfort and healing. Pray for wisdom and strength. Pray for her body and her spirit. 
Thank you!