Jean Clem

First post: Sep 12, 2016 Latest post: Oct 1, 2018
Welcome to Grandma Jean's Caringbridge site!  I am one of her granddaughter's Lindsey and I told grandma I would create a Caringbridge site for her to keep everyone updated while she fights this cancer. Thanks so much for visiting and please keep her and my grandpa Bob in your thoughts and prayers! 

Here is Jean's Story:

On August 15th, 2016 Jean went in for a colonscopy to see why there was a drop in her hemoglobin (blood level). While getting the colonoscopy a large mass was discovered so preceded to do a biopsy.  Then they decided to do a CT scan the following day, which showed spots on the liver.   Next it was time to schedule the liver biopsy and wait for the results of the biopsies and pray for the best. Unfortunately the biopsies came back positive for cancer and Jean was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver (meaning the cancer had spread to the liver).  Next it was time to meet with the oncologist and figure out the game plan.  After meeting with Dr. Wender, a port (how Jean will get the chemo) was placed and appointments were made for the first round of chemotherapy. She will be having a total of six months of agressive chemotherapy and then hopefully the spots will be smaller and she can move on with surgery to remove the liver spots and colon mass. Grandma is a fighter and is ready for the fight!