Jean Burgos

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Welcome to my CaringBridge website. It's been created it to keep friends and family updated about  me and what  took place on FEBRUARY 26, 2010. Get started by reading the introduction to MY website, My Story.  Visit often to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, and write us a note my guestbook.

I am not sure how to go about writing this, nor am I good at it. For the relatives and friends of my wife, Jean, here is a brief summary of Jean's current condition with a little back story...

On February 26th 2010 Jean experienced symptoms of stroke with slurred speech when I picked her up from work. It was a Friday, with a Friday's rush hour traffic. I chose to rush her to Regions hospital-a one way trip for me as opposed to a 2 way ride for the paramedics. Jean had an anguished look on her face and her face was as red as I've ever seen. We rushed as well as we could and my sister says I shouldn't include the gory details; so I won't.

Some would want me to exclude this part, but I feel it's important:I prayed every scripture about protection, claiming that Jean's life would be protected at the top of my voice the whole fifteen minute ride to the ER at Regions. Bottom line, the ER neurologist told me Jean had a tennis ball sized bleed in the middle of her brain above her brain stem...that it was inoperable. That her brain was absolutely going to swell up and expand and you don't come back from that and I'd better prepare other words, Jean was going to die.

I felt an absolute assurance that God had other plans and told the doctor so.  Jean and I had faith in God... we believe in devine healing and Jean was going to live. Not only does she live, but she has most of her memory, a sharp mind and can communicate with her left hand. Also, by nodding or shaking her head yes or no. Jean can also spell out words or sentences on an alphabet board using her left hand when she wants to tell me something. She also types out sentences, some of them humorous on a special keyboard speech therapy has her using.

At present Jean is unable to use her right arm or leg. Her left eye appears bloodshot and cloudy, a bit crossed, if you will, so she wears a patch over her left eye to prevent double vision. Jean has had many ups and downs these last 6 weeks as any of us would. An unfortunate by product of being given 30 plus medications is often grogginess and extreme lack of energy at times. Those of you who believe in prayer, please pray Jean will be given the right combo of meds ( not an easy thing) and soon less meds. Know that when Jean's awake( actually even when she's quite drowsy ) she works extremely hard in physical therapy and Has an exceptional attitude. Just like she did before this all happened.

Hi this is jean and it's 2012, I'm at LSS transitions home & getting srtonger every day!!

I have been at:  REGINS, BETHESDA & COURAGE CENTER now here at LSS.  My GOAL is to be at home with my husband:)  I didn't think it would take so long, but I guess it does:(  I am so lucky, because he comes to visit every day :)Runnin out of room, see ya, bye

now may of 2013 - gone from LSS - email me if need the address :)