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OMEGA ( the end) - Fall 2021

I am reviving this CaringBridge site for Mom as we enter the final chapter of her earthly journey.  Her health has been on a steady decline for the past ~year, and we learned during an August hospital stay that her breast cancer is back, metatsized to her bones.  The cancer is extensive and Mom decided she did not want to fight it.  It was the right choice, one that Liz and I fully support.  Her body has been through so much, she didn't have the strength for treatment and likely the cure would have been worse than the disease. 

We stayed at a skilled nursing center for a few weeks, where Mom bravely worked through physical therapy to regain the ability to walk.  It was excruciatingly painful, but she pushed through and was able to move a few feet with a walker. 

Fast forwarding - once we decided on hospice, it was our prayer to be admitted to the Richard L. Owens Hospice Home (https://www.osfhealthcare.org/services/home-care/hospice-home/about/).   We were miraculously swept here on Saturday, 9.18.2021. This place is amazing, a bridge between earth and heaven.  Her pain is managed 100% - and as a result we have gotten precious time back with her.  She is her joyful, sparkling self - and with the pain under control her brain can function again.  We've had special time with Mom - laughter, love and memories.

True to form, she remains positive in all she does.  Never a moment of anger at the cancer, only a fleeting moment of feeling it was unfair - which quickly turned to acceptance. The staff loves her joyful personality- and we are bucking the trend of most patients that are only here for a few days. 

My job is flexable enough that I can work from anywhere, so I am living with her in the hospice home.  She is sleeping just a few feet from me right now.  

Nobody knows how much longer we have with her, but we are making the most of every moment with this unforgetably cheerful and loving human.

I've had a hard time keeping up with everyone that wants updates - so I'll try to post a short note here daily on how she is.



Chapter 2....Breast Cancer 2018

When I closed this Caring Bridge Site almost 2 years ago, I had no idea we'd be back here so soon.  Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2018, it is in her breast and spread to lymph nodes.  However, this is a fight she can win - with treatment she has a 75-85%  5 year survival rate.  The road to healing starts with 18 weeks of chemotherapy starting 5.7.2018, followed by surgery, radiation and several years of medication.   

Friends that want to help - I'll be posting updates and needs on this site as they come.  Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship!

(Christina, Jan's daughter 5.5.2018)

Welcome Friends!  This Caring Bridge Site is follow Jan's journey to healing from a brain tumor.  The tumor was initially found in March of 2014 after her first stroke, but was small and contained.  In September of 2016, it was found to have grown to the size of an orange  and was causing major neurological distress.  We are told surgery is the only recourse, and that a positive outcome will return her to the Jan we knew in March of 2014.  

Thank you to so many that have helped so far and to all those yet to come.   Please continue to pray for a complete healing for Jan.