Jamie McDonald

First post: Aug 12, 2018
Our comrade Jamie Mcdonald has benefited countless people in the Minneapolis Community and around the USA through his love of bicycles.  Him and his wife Jennifer owned and operated Sunrise Cyclery in South Minneapolis for nearly two decades.  They offered honest and friendly service while maintaining a full time open shop for for the entire community.  Jamie was a strong supporter of Grease Rag and funded Koochella, Minneapolis's FTW (Femme-Trans-Women) track racing team.    

Beginning in the month of July and continuing into August, Jamie has been struggling with heart issues, specifically suffering two heart attacks within the last few weeks.  Just recently Jamie had a Pacemaker procedure at North Memorial Hospital to help balance his heart rate and increase his energy levels.  Due to rising medical and personal costs we need to band together as a community to help our dear friend in his moment of need.  In times like these, every bit matters!  Funds raised for Jamie will not only go towards his short-term recovery but also his long-term well being which include medical bills, utility bills, transportation, food and other general items.