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First post: Aug 2, 2021 Latest post: Oct 29, 2021

If you are reading this you must be a friend of Jamie Azar. She has been a blessing to so many of us and lots of people want to know how she is doing. Because of our love for her many of you are praying for her to improve and get better soon. Caring Bridge will relieve the family of trying to reach out to everyone that has questions. It will give you a place to go for updated information about Jamie's condition. AND...It will give Jamie a place to go and see all the people that were concerned about her and prayed for her. What a blessing that will be to her as she recovers.
So come here daily to read about how she is doing. Leave your prayers, thoughts, and comments her and let her know how much she is loved. And join us as we storm the throne room of God on Jamie's behalf.
Here is a short timeline of what has happened this week. Jamie had come home from a short trip with her mom and was not feeling well. She went Monday to be tested for Covid and tested positive. By Tuesday her oxygen levels were going lower than was good and she went in to see a doctor, who promptly sent her to the emergency room. They admitted her to the hospital and she was in a room by Wednesday in the early morning hours. Wednesday she spent time lying on her stomach to help her with her breathing. By Friday, her oxygen levels would not stay where she needed them to be so they put her on a Bpap machine to assist with her breathing. She seemed to be doing ok but by Saturday morning they needed to put her on a ventilator and have her in ICU.
Saturday morning update:
" Jamie is on a ventilator (life support) and on a prone bed. She has blood clots in her legs and is very ill. She is too ill to be transferred to another hospital and there are no beds anyway so hospitals are not accepting transfers. There are no other further measures to do for Jamie, we need God's intervention."
2:26 p.m. update:
Starting tomorrow the immediate family may be able to schedule a call in order for the family to speak with Jamie. She cannot speak but hopefully their voices of encouragement will be what she needs to keep fighting. A prone bed has been delivered so Jamie will be moved and the nurse believe it will help. Jamie is unconscious and depending on the ventilator to breathe. She was at 100% and thankfully they are starting to try to move her off the vent so now she is at 90%. God is powerful to heal our Jamie.
6:09 p.m. update:
Jamie has had a good afternoon. She is doing well on the prone bed and they have lowered her oxygen down to 75%. The nurse hopes to get it lowered before the end of the day. Once Jamie's oxygen is down to 60% or lower she will get off the prone bed. She will remain unconscious as long as she is on the prone bed. Once off the prone bed the next step will be to get her oxygen down to 40% or lower and start "Breathing trials." If she does well with the breathing then they take her off the vent. This is a long process and could have ups and downs."
The family is so thankful for all of you and your prayers. Please feel free to leave questions here on this page and someone will try to answer them. Leave your prayers here for them to read and be encouraged. Becky, Joy, Nancy and the rest of the family need prayer too. I know that Jamie would appreciate prayer for her grandchildren too. Her granddaughters spend lots of time with her and this is very difficult for them to not be able to see grandma. This is very difficult on all the family as they are not allowed to be with Jamie at this time. This is obviously a hard situation all the way around. But we are asking your help in making it as easy for them as possible by not inundating them with phone calls and texts. You know this family, they will try to answer every one and they really need to have their phones free to answer calls from the nurses. Thank you so much for your understanding.
Please come back here for your daily updates.