Charity Hyams In Memory of Oliver Hyams

First post: May 4, 2018 Latest post: Sep 27, 2019
Welcome to our Caring Bridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.  Please use THIS site as a place for leaving comments for Charity - as opposed to Facebook.  This site is available to anyone - please feel free to share.

I have sad and unexpected news to share.  This morning, 5/3/18 - Oliver Jacob Hyams died.  It was a tragic accident.  We were trying to fix the minivan, in our driveway - so that we could head back to Ohio to see Ollie's dad.  Unfortunately, the jack slipped while Ollie was under the car.  The weight of the minivan crushed him.  He spoke to me briefly - but went quickly.  I worked frantically to try to get the jack re-situated.  The minivan was on a slight incline - and was very low to the ground.    I called 911 - help did arrive.  The police were able to help me remove him from under the minivan.  He was transported by ambulance to Rutland Regional Medical Center.  My friend, Laura Coppola Zmurko and I arrived shortly thereafter - but we were then told he had passed.

The police (both Rutland Town and Vermont State) have done an investigation.  Oliver's body is being transported to Burlington, Vermont - to be autopsied.  We are making arrangements for the next steps and memorial services through Tossing Funeral Home, c/o Jodi.  We realize there will be a need for memorials in both Vermont and in Ohio.  We have let General Electric know  - and their HR department has already let us know that they are by our side.

Luckily - none of the boys happened to be home during this accident.  Oscar was at his school, Sugarwood - and his teacher is hanging on to him till I pick him up at 4:30pm.  Teddie was at his preschool (Grace), and a friend is keeping him a bit.  Louie was with a babysitter - and has already been dropped off with a different friend.  I will retrieve them all shortly.

My father Geof, and my step-mom Jayne are on their way here now.  They are already on a flight to Albany - and should be up by 9pm.

I was able to contact Ollie's sister-in-law, Rachelle - and she is helping me communicate with Ollie's family quickly.

My mom and my brother Scott are also aware.

I know when I pick up the kids - I won't have such access to answer the phone and respond to I'm hoping folks can use and share this site to help me get the word out - and leave messages for later in the evening.

Thank you for your love and prayers.  I know Ollie would be telling a joke right now...and I probably would not have thought it was funny!