Ian Bocquin Lori Peitz for Ian

Welcome to Ian Bocquin’s CaringBridge website. I wanted our friends, Dan and Angie Bocquin,  to have a place to keep family and friends updated in one location. I know they will appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. 

For those of you that don’t  know Ian,  he is 18 years old and just graduated from Olathe West High school.   We met Ian and his family when our kids started kindergarten together.  We’ve been friends with his family ever since.  My husband coached Ian for many years on his baseball team.  Life has definitely thrown him a curveball but Ian is a great kid with a great attitude.  This is his story.

On August 14th Ian was diagnosed with bone cancer.  Ian had been having back pain for awhile and it became more severe so Angie made an appt with a PT.   The doctor thought it was a herniated disc and ordered an MRI.  Things started progressing quickly from there and Ian was in so much pain that he was admitted to OPR on August 13th.  After that it was one test after another.  At this point the Pediatric Oncologist is pretty certain it is Burkitt Lymphoma.  This is a very treatable disease but the family has a long road ahead and they’ve already been through so much.  At this point the family are asking for prayers.  They are working on a treatment plan and this is a place where Angie can keep everyone updated.   Thank you for supporting Ian and his  family during this difficult journey.

Ways to Help!
7 days a week Ian travels to KU for blood draws. 3 hours, round trip, 5 minute appointment!  What he looks forward to most is stopping at one-or several-of his favorite spots to eat.   Check out Ways to Help for some of his favorites restaurants.  Restaurant gift cards would be a great way to cheer Ian up.