Huxli Collom

First post: Mar 13, 2021 Latest post: Mar 2, 2022
Welcome to Huxli’s CaringBridge website. This is Huxli’s mom, Emily, trying to let friends and family know what is going on. Bare with me as I try to explain her story and current situation. I am not a writer but will try my best! Huxli is about 17 months old. Huxli’s story started with her vomiting on Sunday evening 3-7-2021. This continued into the week until she started to become very sluggish on Wednesday. We took her into the clinic which they sent us over to the ER due to possible dehydration. After tests were done the only conclusion was dehydration but no other things appeared wrong. Now came Thursday; Huxli seemed a little better that morning but continued to sleep with sips of juice throughout the day. At about 4pm she started crying and became very stiff (later on found out this was probably a seizure). After this episode she appeared to stop breathing and became unresponsive. I called the ambulance and she was taken to the ER again. There they did more tests including a CT scan. We were told by the MD that there appeared to be bleeding in the back of the brain with a mass of some sort which was causing build up of fluid in the brain. This pressure was causing Huxli to vomit, have irregular breathing and heart, and the seizure. She was sent via helicopter down to the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.  There they immediately got her into surgery to place a tube in her head to drain the extra fluid build up. They then took an MRI and confirmed it is a tumor. At this point there is a lot of “maybes” and “we don’t know yet” on what kind of tumor and what treatment is going to be needed. The intubation tube was removed early afternoon Friday and we had some worried moments with her irregular breathing but it appeared to straighten out for the most part and she even cried a little soon after (which is a good thing due to the tubing can damage the airway).  She soon was able to take her pacifier. At this time it is a waiting game to see what is found during surgery which is not planned until Wednesday March 17th. We will know what kind of tumor and what needs to be done after the see the tumor and are able to run tests on samples. We are in this for the long haul. I hope this helps everyone understand what is going on.