Elijah Morales Hope for Eli

On November 7th of 2017, Elijah suffered a tragic accident. He was found face down in a pool by his babysitter. CPR was started immediately and he was transported to CHOC Hospital. Elijah’s heart has stopped beating for 37 minuets until the amazing staff there  were able to resuscitate him. Due to the brain being deprived from oxygen for so long caused severe damage throughout the brain. He was given only 12 hours to live and if he survived he would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Elijah is still here today! Our prayers are being heard! 
With God by our side anything is possible. 

This page will be updated with Elijah’s progress, therapys & treatments that he is currently going through and future ones. We thank you for the constant reminder of love, support and prayers that you are all sending our way.