Holyoke Residents in Need during COVOID-19 Holyoke Strong

First post: Mar 18, 2020
Welcome to Holyoke's CaringBridge website. We are using it to  connect residents in need with residents who are able to offer help. 
💜Please list errands you need run on the "Ways to Help Schedule" using the website, not the app.
💜Notes of gratitude  can be left in the Tribute section.
💜Notes of Encouragement  can be left in the Well Wishes section.
💜Helpful, positively worded,  solutions focused feedback can be recorded in the Journal.
💜Please use good judgment & DO NOT help when you or a household member is unwell.
💜Please practice "drop & alert" to avoid person to person contact (Leave at door & text).
💜This page is shared by an entire community. Use it with care. Do not compromise yourself or others & remain respectful. 
💜To request co-authorship of this page email somethingmorecreative@gmail.com w subject line: HOLYOKE STRONG 
💰 There will never be a go fund me associated with this page please do not requestor give money. Kindness hold the real value.

☘We are lucky to live in a community like Holyoke that lifts each other up.☘ 👥We are the village. 👥  ❤I'm thankful you're in mine❤