Teodor Tsolov

On June 10th, 2017 our 2,4 year old son, Teodor Tsolov, had a non fatal drowning in family pool. Continuance stay into the water was between 7-10 min before we find him on top of the pool with face down. The child was found in clinical death. As we were 20 miles away from nearest emergency hospital, we start resuscitation immediately. 25 minutes from CRP he gave no signs of life. Hes skin was as blue as died person.

On about 27 minutes Emergensy came and find heartbeat, a minutes after he start spontaneous breathing.In about two hours, acidosis and hypothermia were mastered and then a seizure started lasting for at least 3 hours. This is the only convulsion he had. After 3 rd day organ function was restored, no respiration was required. He was in coma during  these days.Gastrostomy was applyed on June 26th.By the end of 2017, 60 procedures with a HBOT were performed (the first HBOT was made at 4.07, last 7.11) at a different pressure protocol.

As parents we made research to get help for our chlid we found Eden`s case and we have made a contact with Dr. Harch. He kindly adwise us during HBOT teraphy we made trough. Dr. Harch found a problem with protokol of HBOT tratment and warn us of future problem with possible epylepsia
At the end of October, as Dr. Harch predict epileptic spasm has began and we stopped a HBOT. It was necessary start antiepileptics under a scheme and by Dr. Harch advices.

By the end of January the spasms had subsided. Then the spasticity was overcome. 

The emotional state is encouraging - even after the 3rd month Toto begins to smile on familiar things, now laughs aloud in some situations.We plan intensive rehabilitation (1 month in Poland from the beginning of April) and then continue with HBOT therapy. And possible come down to New Orleans to continue professional HBOT.