William Hovis Healing William Hovis

First post: Apr 7, 2019

please have a look - 'Medical Bills for William Hovis' https://dm2.gofund.me/medical-bills-for-jungmin-william-hovis

As many of you know, William Hovis had a brain tumor removed on Jan. 29, 2019, and he is now undergoing six weeks of radiation treatment and will most likely be followed by chemotherapy. Even with Kristy and Jerry's health insurance, they are sure to incur significant out of pocket costs. This is going to be a long battle. Any support that loved ones can give will help William get the proper care he needs to heal. If you've met William you are really lucky, if you haven't yet met him you will love him when you do! He is really a wonderful kid.  

The final week of radiation is upon us and William has been a Superhero throughout!. Well actually we don't end until April 15th but who's counting. Spent the weekend hunting Golden Rainbow trout in WV but only came away with one GIANT Rainbow. Good catch. Followed this up with some NCAA basketball but even though MSU didn't come away with a win it was a great season. Ending the weekend with a brunch hosted by buds from #letmerun. Thanks Alfonso! and some more fishing of course!

Thanks to all those who have supported us in so many ways. Jerry and Kristy.