Harry Verhoog

First post: Sep 15, 2018 Latest post: Sep 30, 2020
Hello- This is Harry. Here ’s a letter I never thought I would be writing. I am coming to that point in my life when its time to say good bye. As most of you know I’ve been working with lung cancer for almost three years now. I’ve been giving it a run for its money. Unfortunately my body is now having complications with opportunistic infections- like pneumonia. It’s getting harder and harder to stave it off so I wanted to reach out to you, the people who have contributed to the unbelievable richness of my life. Of course I would like to live on but I have come to accept what is happening and feel at peace with the process as it is unfolding. I am being well cared for here in Albuquerque and I am surround by my loved ones. The best of a difficult situation. I know that I am loved and appreciated. You all have all been incredibly special to me and I have enjoyed having you in my life. I appreciate the details of the stories of my life and I’d love to share them with you, and you share them with each other. A deepest thank you for creating such beautiful relationships with me.