Sunny Schreiner

First post: Jan 21, 2020
My name is Sunny. It’s not the name I was born with, but it’s the name I’ve gone by since 2013. I picked it out myself. It’s who I’d rather be.

I am 31 years young(and it’s been a cataclysmic 31 years, a-let me tell ya). All my life, I’ve struggled with mental illness, but for better or worse, usually, I managed.

Then in 2016 first born child and only son was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 7. He died in 2017 after a ten month fight. That’s enough to drive a perfectly normal individual into the nut house, but having preexisting mental illness, the struggle broke me. I’m surprised that I made it out alive, as much as I wished I could die with him. But because it wasn’t enough to lose my son, in 2018 I also lost my home of ten years, where he was born and raised. The circumstances surrounding that situation are nauseating, so I won’t get you caught up in all that now, but feel free to ask if you’re interested.

Anyway- I made this website to share my journey and my struggle. I’ve been tried on basically every single prescription drug, and have tried plenty of non-prescription ones in the attempt to fix my head, but so far nothing has helped.

I’ve been looking into ECT. And I’m serious about it. But I am uninsured and it is an expensive procedure. So I could definitely use financial help, and may pursue it soon, as I am stuck in a pretty messed up living situation that is more than exacerbating my symptoms.

I will say, thank you for visiting my site, and I appreciate any and all support as I struggle through.