Hallie Cowan Hallie Care Site

Since 2015, Hallie has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, a neuro-muscular disease which progressively blocks brain connections with her voluntary and involuntary muscles and body systems.  Currently, she is unable to walk or speak clearly, and is confined to a wheelchair.  She has retired from her ministry as Director of Prayer and Spiritual Formation for InterVarsity in New England, and as a Spiritual Director.  However, the Grace of God combined with Hallie's faithful personality and spirituality have yielded her ability to be content in all circumstances, since she can do all things through Christ Who strengthens her.  Our home, The Abbey of The Way, is a center for Christian prayer and spiritual growth, particularly for Christian leaders, and she is therefore surrounded by God's mercy in the many who visit here.

We're grateful for this Caring Bridge website, and will use it to post updates on Hallie's situation, and to let readers know occasionally of ways they might be able to assist her.  We appreciate your kindness and words of hope and encouragement.  Thank you for visiting online, and, as you're able, in person.