Gus Latta

First post: Jul 1, 2018 Latest post: Dec 4, 2018
 A couple of weeks ago Gus was having trouble sleeping for a few nights but there were no signs of sickness or pain. He returned to normal sleep for a few days until Father's day June 17th  when he had a low grade temperature of 100 and 101 two days straight.  Tylenol and some love seemed to do the trick; until the next afternoon June 19th, when his temperature spiked up to 103.7. Jennifer took him to his doctor where they thought the machine to read his blood work might be malfunctioning. She prayed for her fear to go away while she waited for them to retake his blood work.  It turned out that God was allowing the fear in order to begin to 'prepare' her for the news to come; that Gus's blood work was so off that they needed to send him to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Le Bonheur in turn sent them to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to rule out Leukemia. After poking, prodding, iv placement and surgeries Augustus was officially diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and the Latta family began the very difficult journey of a life with a child with cancer. AML has a 90% cure rate but it requires an intensive 6 month treatment plan with chemotherapy and possible blood transfusions (Gus has had a transfusion once already). Jennifer and Corey and their "cubs" (as Corey calls his children) are a beautiful part of the body of Christ. They are faithful to our Lord and are welcoming all the prayers they can get for Gus's healing and their ability to care for him and their other 3 small children through this traumatic life change.   Gus Gus turned 2 in April along with his twin sister. His older siblings are twin 4 year olds (on July 3rd) We are using Caring Bridge to make it easier to follow updates during Gus's 6 month journey to healing. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting and please continue to visit here and pray for Gus and his family.