Genie Bell

First post: Jan 15, 2019 Latest post: Sep 2, 2020
     Kindness, love, joy, peace, patience, strength, grace, unshakable faith. These are just a few words that describe the incredible woman that is, Genie Bell. A little over 7 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With her team of doctors, family and friends she was able to beat it through diet, nutrition and holistic methods. She was clear for 7 years. A year ago she went in for a routine check up and this time the results were not as expected. After going through the follow ups and testing it turns out the cancer was back and this time, more aggressive. There were multiple tumors in both breasts. While, this news was devastating to her, her foundation was not shaken. Genie has this unshakable, unbreakable and infallible faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. She leaned into Him, His word and His promises. She knows that she is in His hands and He is the ultimate and mighty healer. 
     We are thankful and give praise for the many positives that have come along in her journey: never metastasized and her lymph nodes are clear. She feels great and other than the cancer her blood work shows she is perfectly healthy. She has met some wonderful people and friends along the way and has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. 
     This time around Genie wanted to still go about treatment the same as last time; change of diet, lifestyle and protocols. Those of you that know her know she is the BEST patient. She will take all the things, drink all the things and do all the things at the exact right time to make sure she gets the best result possible. Despite her textbook impeccable efforts, the cancer was not responding. After a year of all the treatment it has been advised the next and best course of action is a double mastectomy with reconstruction. While this is not the road Genie wants to travel she knows that it is best for her, her family and friends. 
     On Tuesday, January 15th,  Genie will have her surgery. She will stay one night in the hospital for observation and then she will be able to return home to heal and recover. As her brothers and sisters in Christ we are lifting her up in agreement that our Lord has already brought her through surgery smoothly and successfully. Her healing will be quick and without complication. We thank the Lord for his divine protection over her. For keeping her strong throughout this past year. We thank Him for the team of doctors and nurses who have come along side her, guided her and taken great care of this woman we all love and cherish. 
     We thank you for your love and support as she takes this next step in her healing. We will keep you updated as much as possible. Please join us in surrounding her and lifting her up in prayer on January 15th and the days following.