George Johnson

First post: Sep 28, 2021 Latest post: Oct 22, 2022
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Well I'm not sure where to start so I guess I'll just jump in.  Clearly this has been a difficult year or so for everyone. Adding our huge move from California to Texas certainly didn't simplify things for us. I noticed this summer that George was tired quite often, but we attributed it to all the change and not getting back to our usual cycling schedule. A few weeks ago we decided to do a sleep study to see if sleep apnea could be a factor as well.  Then in last two weeks my dreamboat became increasingly foggy, so I started looking for a neurologist just to check him out. With his history of a childhood brain tumor and his Mom's awful battle with Alzheimer's, we thought it only made sense. On Thursday (9/23) he got sick, and I attributed it to the flu. When it continued Friday with no other symptoms AND he was unsteady on his feet, I decided to take him to the ER.

In the ER, they told him his sodium was too low and gave him a couple IV bags, yet the proceeded to ignore my pleas (on the phone from the car -- thank you covid) for a CT. We  were sent home and I got him showered and made some soup but he was increasingly disoriented and then started vomiting again without eating. So, I took him back to the ER.

Sadly, my biggest fear was recognized: he has a large brain tumor located in the lower center of his frontal lobe, and the initial outlook does not look good. We were then transferred to the larger hospital that has a specialized neurology group, and we proceeded to have a very long weekend. They’ve kept him on fluids because his electrolytes are unbalanced, and they've been working to reduce the fair amount of swelling in his brain. The medical team now has both of those issues to safer levels and are planning a biopsy for tomorrow morning at 7:15a. While it's a biopsy it is still being performed on a tumor that is located in the center of his brain, so there are considerable concerns about side effects. 

Once we get through the biopsy, we will need to wait a few days for an accurate diagnosis on what type of tumor this is. During that time they will continue to monitor his fluid levels and brain swelling. We have heard some horrible, frightening tumor names that end in "oma"  (& sadly at one weak moment during the night I unfortunately googled the worst one) and we are fully aware of what the probability of what his diagnosis is. However, at this time we are trusting our amazing neurosurgeon who actually spent her two days off studying his case and discussing it with colleagues at MD Anderson and other clinics she's worked with.  

Once we get the test results, then we will know what we’re dealing with and the four of us will figure out our ongoing plan for the prognosis.

Things are very concerning but we’re hopeful and praying with all we have. George, Athena, EJ, and I are very strong in our faith and we firmly believe in the power of prayer and God's plan for all of us.  

Please pray for the surgeons, a steady-handed successful biopsy, a successful therapy plan, his recovery, life expectancy, and that he will be with the rest of us cognitively complete for a very long time. We ask that you pray for all this as well as for the kids and I as we navigate this road.

We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. While it's been hard to be away from Sacramento and the medical community we know so well, we can't imagine how difficult this would be to live multiple state away from Athena and EJ while we all endure this. We have been beyond stunned at the incredible outpouring of love, prayers, offers to come and support us, as this thing has become public over the past 24 hours -- quite honestly its been beyond our comprehension. It has been an amazing testament to how incredibly loved George is and how many lives he touches with his intelligence, kindness, humor, and love. I mean really: who doesn't love George? We so appreciate all of you but I will be very honest, we are not up to talking much, but we will do our very best to keep this updated and you all informed. Thank you for visiting -- please feel free to share with friends who know him.